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Classroom News

Check out the exciting things our students are learning and doing in the classroom:

Our fourth grade students are reading about wind as a source of energy. They will make wind turbines soon and share them at the District Showcase of Student Learning on March 7.

Fifth grade students have been working on ordered pairs and reviewing fraction procedures in math. After vacation students will work on a water filtration design. Each student needs a clear 2-liter bottle for this. If you have any at home, please send them to school with your child.

Students in sixth grade are reading mystery genre books. The story is from a first-person point of view. They continue to investigate Alfred Wegener’s theory of continental drift and how his meteorological studies in Greenland helped him develop his ideas. They are also exploring fraction computation and ways to model (diagram) addition/subtraction and multiplication/division fractional expressions.

Nature's Classroom Fundraiser

Students will be bringing home a new fundraiser soon from MCM Fundraising. They will be selling braided pastry and Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough. Profits from this fundraiser will be set aside for each classroom towards their future nature's classroom trips. The sale dates are February 14 to March 8. They will deliver the orders to the school on Tuesday, March 19 for pick up. Look for the flyer coming home soon for all the details!

Our Rural Schools Story

This video is part of an advocacy effort that Mohawk-Hawlemont is leading to address the specific needs of Massachusetts rural public schools. We are advocating for a change in the Chapter 70 state education funding formula that would result in an annual increase of $372,000 to Mohawk and $37,200 to Hawlemont.

On Thursday, February 7, rural public school students from across Massachusetts will visit the statehouse as part of a real life civics effort to advocate for this vital funding.

We encourage you to share this video with others. We need to communicate our rural voice widely and loudly so that political leadership in Eastern Massachusetts listens and takes action.

HAY News

Thank you, to all the students, staff, and 4-H baking club for your hard work in baking and making delicious treats for the 4-H Winter Conference!

 Our lunch was a delicious success as a HAY fundraiser.